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Currently, the company premises occupy the area of around 45.000m2. In 2009 we have purchased a land of 20.000m2. One year later a high storage warehouse with the surface of 7.000m2 has been built. Further investments have been made at the beginning of year 2011. Other warehouses have been built then thus the surface of the warehouses have been increased by over 10.000m2. The remaining part of the land will be occupied by parking sites, loading places etc.





Between 24th and 28th of February 2015 the 20th edition of the biggest fair in roller shutter, roller gate and sun protection systems industry took place in Stuttgart.

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On the 7th July 2011 'PORTOS' company has introduced a new collection of jacquard fabrics EXCLUSIVE (rubber coated jacquard fabrics), as well as the following fabrics: FROST, HARMONY, MYSTERY and TRIAS.

Logotyp gali "25 year freedom for polish enconomy;

The ventures are of annual nature and are addressed to every company from the construction sector. The ceremony has gathered over 900 guests from various fields including constructions and politics.
Statuetka 'Orzeł Srebrny'



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